Our soul

EPiC JEWELRY is a dream of mine. My heart burns for EPiC.

I originally studied architecture and also worked in this field for a few years, but quickly realized that I was missing something.

Fortunately, I had the right people around me at the right time, who supported me and also convinced me to a certain extent that I could dare something new.

This is how my first designs came about, initially without a specific plan and without specific intention. I've just been to Bali, surf vacation with friends. Through these friends, who had spent most of the year in Bali and met the locals, I got in touch with a trusted jewelry manufacturer. And that's how it all started ... .. that's how EPiC JEWELRY was born!

The designs and materials of the first years were strongly inspired by the surfing scene and the lifestyle associated with it. The boardsports scene and, above all, my love for BMX Flatland prompted me to reflect my lifestyle in my designs and to design jewelry for the so-called "Wild Chicks".


Emotion, freedom, spontaneity, fire, heart, power !!!



be rebellious

love like there's no tomorrow


be authentic,

be free……. with your loved ones by your side


……. these are terms that stand for me, that stand for EPiC.


"I think with the heart and need (the) freedom in me"

There have been a lot of up's in the last few years but also a lot of down's and yet I'm where I am now.

A good friend once said to me "fighters fight"

This sentence has never left me and has driven me and encouraged me to continue working on my dream. Now where I am I am celebrating my 10th EPiC JEWELRY anniversary this year and I hope for many more.

I am fortunate that I have had support from my family and many of my friends over the past few years. That's why there is EPiC JEWELRY. For that I want to say THANK YOU!


Over the last few years I have developed further, EPiC JEWELRY has developed further.

I am now the mother of two children and have discovered new perspectives in the process.

The demand for quality and durability, sustainability have become a big issue for me and this approach has given rise to new collections.

High quality materials, simple, durable designs have resulted from this. However, it is still important to me to keep the wild, rebellious thing that makes my jewelry EPiC and above all to show it to the outside in the combination and styling when worn.


There is no rule about wearing my jewelry.

It is important to me that my jewelry has added value and is not just seen as a pure fashion accessory.

Different things are EPiC for everyone. By wearing my jewelry I want to recall and keep in mind the wishes, dreams and goals, as well as the things that are personal for each individual EPiC.

I want everyone to wear EPiC, to carry themselves with them and their personal dreams and desires. That makes our life EPiC and lets us dare to do new things and live new things.



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