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Our brand new Leila Collection


Fresh Pearl Collect-ion

Meet the Fresh Pearl Collection

Für uns ist das perfekt, was nicht perfekt ist, sondern durch Ecken und Kanten einzigartig ist. Deshalb verwenden wir für unsere Fresh Pearls nicht nur klassische weiße, sondern auch grau/schwarze Perlen. Unsere Perlen sind nicht rund, sondern haben organische Formen bei der keine exakt der anderen gleicht!

Meet the Leila Collection

Our Leila Collection takes the lightness of the boho look and reinterprets it in a new & modern way. Organic structures & shapes meet bright colours & geometric patterns. Each design is made of pure sterling silver and gold-plated with 3 microns 18K. The pearl inlays of the jewelry are embroidered by hand in the heart of Vienna!

About Us

We are a small jewelry label from Vienna that makes jewelry to accompany you on all your adventures. We like it cool & casual, no bling bling. All our jewelry designs are unique and handmade. Highest quality of raw materials and finishing are the base of our EPiC Jewelry.