In addition to our own jewelry collections, we also develop individual jewelry designs, just for you! Unique jewelry for special occasions, small series, merchandise products, individual collections: With our know-how, the right production facilities and lots of love & passion for design, we implement your ideas!

Neymar Red Bull

Sterling Silver chain and brooch. The designs were refined with black rhodium.

Melissa Cuff

This design originated from the company logo of a company.

The bracelet is handcrafted from Brass. The matt surface prevents the material from tarnishing and is therefore very robust and durable.

Are you looking for individual jewelry for a special occasion?

Reefcalendar bracelet

The design are inspired by the structure and color of the whale shark.

Wooden beads in 3 different colors are used for the implementation. The center of the bracelet is adorned with a Brass bead, which three-dimensionally represents the company's logo.

The surface of the metal bead and the logo are matt Brass. The antique finish increases the plasticity of the coral or the writing. This surface is very robust and durable and does not require any special care.

Ina rain bracelet

In order to be able to offer a high-quality merchandise product at her concerts, the musician Ina Regen had a bracelet designed to match her album cover.

The design of the trailer should be inspired by the four visual worlds of the cover.

The concept of structuring the most important elements graphically and playing with different levels and processing them through targeted surface treatments resulted in a very finely structured plastic bracelet.

The clover leaf is made of brass and finished with a high-quality 3 micron Gold plating.

Ina rain keychain

The design of the bowl tag was also designed to match the cover of the Ina Regen album cover.

The interplay of matt and polished surfaces, as well as engraved and hammered details, make the visual worlds abstract, but still clearly recognizable.