Materials & Care


We use pure, high-quality materials in all of our lines that will accompany you on all your adventures. No staining, discoloration, etc. Nevertheless, it is important to take good care of your jewelry so that it looks like new for a long time. Therefore, please read the information and care instructions for the respective material!


Our brass designs are the roots of our EPiC Jewelry and suitable for any adventure. Due to the matt surface no tarnishing is possible. The antique finish gives our designs the unique EPiC look.
Care: For storage, we recommend a dry place protected from light. Our EPiC Jewelry cloth bags or our EPiC Jewelry Box are best suited for this purpose. If you should find green stains on your jewelry due to humidity or other external influences, you can easily remove them with the green side of a kitchen sponge.
Important: Please note that this may only be done for designs with a brass - matte / antique surface. With polished or gold-plated designs, the rough side of the sponge would scratch the surface!


Our silver designs are made of pure 925 silver (sterling silver) and have a tarnish protection. Your EPiC Silver Jewelry can also be worn while swimming and bathing in the sea without staining or changing color!Care: For storage, we recommend a dry, light-protected place, preferably well stored in your EPiC Jewelry Box. If you want to get your jewelry back to its original shine after a long period of time, we recommend polishing your jewelry with a standard silver polishing cloth.

14k Gold

Our fine gold line is made of pure 14 carat yellow gold. We use only the highest quality materials, real diamonds, rubies and emeralds adorn our delicate beauties.
Care: Our 14k designs are very fine and delicate, this should also be considered when wearing them daily. Please take them off when working in the house or garden so that they do not bend.

Gold plated Brass / gold plated Silver

With our gold-plated designs you will have pleasure for a very long time. Gold plating is produced in a high-quality process. We use 18k or 24k real Gold and coatings from 2 to 5 microns thick. This makes our jewelry extremely durable and there is no discoloration! In addition, the majority of our gold plating is provided with a tarnish protection.
Care: Gold plated designs require special attention and care. Please do not wear gold-plated designs while doing housework, gardening, sports, showering, bathing or sauna. It would also be good to store your jewelry in the EPiC Jewelry Box provided. Please note that make-up, hand creams and perfumes can also damage the coating of your jewelry. If you are not going to wear your jewelry for an extended period of time, please store it in your EPiC Jewelry Box, protected from the sun, dry and airtight.
If there are any impurities, they are best removed with warm soapy water. Please rinse and dry your jewelry thoroughly (do not rub). Furthermore you can polish your jewelry with a soft cloth, e.g. made of cotton jersey of the length in one direction to eliminate discoloration by tarnishing.
If you have any questions or suggestions about our jewelry or to have your piece of jewelry re-gilded, please send us an e-mail. Sustainability and longevity are important to us and your jewelry will look like new afterwards.